Plan for Weight Loss

How Maintaining a Good Diet & Fitness Routine Will Benefit Your Social & Work Life

Stress, chores, responsibilities, not enough time to sleep, no time for yourself, struggling to eat properly, and a general feeling of underachieving and fatigue. Nobody wants to feel like this but it’s all too common when you are busy juggling a job with family commitments, while trying to stay on top of running a home […]

Your Guide to Creating an Exercise and Diet Plan That Is Just Right for You

Have you ever looked at a diet or exercise plan and thought, “that’s just not right for me”? Well if so, you can take comfort in knowing that you aren’t the only one. The problem with most diet and workout programs is that they are meant for the general population. As such, they tend to […]

Ayurvedic Diet for Weight Loss

The knowledge of Ayurveda has been around for ages. But its effectiveness in weight loss has become popular recently. Free medical websites are now filled with a plethora of information on Ayurvedic diet and offer detailed insight to ways one can incorporate it in their daily eating habits.

5 Pieces of Nutrition Advice I Wish I Knew Before Taking Diet Supplements

If you are struggling to lose weight or trying to avoid gaining any then diet supplements can be a massive help. There are plenty on the market to choose between, though they often work in quite different ways. For example, diet supplements like country mallow and ephedra dull your appetite so you naturally eat less, […]

Phenocal Review: Does This Natural Supplement Work for Weight Loss?

10 Habits Of People Who Lose Weight And Keep It Off

It seems like everyone is constantly dieting, or coming off a diet, or about to start a diet. Weight loss has become a cyclical obsession in modern times. Part of the reason for this is how the foods we eat are less healthy and typically more loaded up with sugar. But another part is how […]

5 Expert Hacks To Make Intermittent Fasting Super Easy

One of the latest dieting trends is to alternate when you diet by days. Every other day you eat normally, with days of dieting spaced between them. Intermittent Fasting, as this new approach to dieting is being called, is not without some level of controversy. It’s really a form of regular fasting, and not everyone […]

Diet soda

Experts Weigh Pros and Cons of Low-Calorie Sweetened Drinks

Low calorie drinks have always touted that they do not contain any natural sugar, which, for many years, was considered a harmful thing to have in soda. The American Heart Association recommends: no more than 25 grams of sugar daily for women (six teaspoons) no more than 37.5 grams of sugar daily for men (nine […]

Making the Most of a Walking Workout

When your doctor tells you getting in shape will help, that doesn’t mean you have to throw yourself into a ridiculous exercise regimen full of high impact activities. Exercise means just that; getting and staying more active. Even walking, as pedestrian as it sounds, will give you that overall health boost your doctor is pushing […]

Foods with Negative Calories

A food that can help you lose weight, just by eating it? Sounds like a dream food for dieters and health conscious eaters everywhere. While most diets focus on restricting calories through banning energy dense foods and limiting portion sizes, some foods already have such a low energy density they’re not a danger to even […]