Plan for Weight Loss

Do Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, or Low-Carb Diets Actually Work?

Are extreme diets where we eliminate whole food groups effective and sustainable? Gluten-Free Gluten is a protein found in bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, beer, basically tons of stuff. Only those with wheat allergies or more seriously, celiac disease, must strictly comply with the diet though. Those with celiac or major gluten sensitivity will see the […]

‘What Happened When I Tried To Lose 5kg By The Weekend’

Doctors often encourage us to eat a healthy diet and get regular exercise to maintain proper body weight. They also commonly say we should consult a doctor before embarking on a weight loss program. People who attempt to go on a crash diet can sometimes learn firsthand why this is so. Drastic swings in weight, […]

Here Are 5 Ways to Tell If You’re Overweight

You can just accept who you are and the shape you are in, however this could lead to health problems.  Your weight and fitness levels do play a role in your overall health and well being.  Often, people are unaware that they are overweight.  One concern is that some people are in denial that they have a […]

Breaking News: Eating Pasta Won’t Make You Fat, Study Says

The wheel of dietary science seems to never stop turning. Carbohydrates are on the downturn at the moment, but at least there’s some medical research behind it to lend credence to the change in thinking. A formal study in Canada with about twenty-five hundred participants organized them into various research groups, looking at their health […]

Hot Belt Review – Can it Truly Promote Weight Loss?

With seemingly most Americans being at least overweight, if not obese, it’s so surprise that the weight-loss industry is constantly booming. All of the different supplements, diet plans, exercise products, and accessories can be impossible to keep an eye on. However, we have taken the chance to help you out by looking at some of […]

How To Stop Eating Sugar And Salt When You’re Stressed Out

Stress eating plagues many people who struggle with weight and health problems. When we’re slammed emotionally, when the pressure builds up, we look for a way to relieve it. Food is often readily available, and modern food makes the foods most likely to deliver delicious bursts of positive chemical boosts easy to obtain. But those […]

Preparation for Weight Loss – Mental Attitude is the Basis

Making a meaningful change in your diet is definitely difficult. It requires us to fundamentally alter our approach to meals, to how we think of and consume food, and is one of the biggest obstacles in dieting when people consider whether or not to engage in diet based weight loss. This is why so much […]

5 Foods You Should Never Eat Together, According To A Nutritionist

When your goal is to lose weight, it might be just as important how you combine the foods you eat as to how much you eat.  Eating grains with vegetables is the best way to lose weight. Eating anything else with grains can cause a large weight gain. Eating one protein per meal is the appropriate […]

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

On the surface, weight loss seems simple. Just eat less. Monitor your diet, and watch the pounds melt away. Sometimes though, time can pass while maintaining an altered diet and there is no change in the scale’s readout. That can cause frustration, but like most things knowing what’s going on can help reduce that stress. […]

Sacred Heart Diet Review – Does It Truly Help You Lose Weight?

A new diet created by cardiologists is targeted specifically at the obese. Doctors at the Sacred Heart memorial Hospital have designed a soup diet that fully covers all necessary nutrition needs while supporting weight loss goals. The recommended recipes include a variety of vegetable, fruit, or meat soups. The research from the creators of the […]