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Good carb,bad carb for a healthy lifestyle

Book Review: Good Carb, Bad Carb for a Healthy Lifestyle

Good Carb, Bad Carb for a Healthy Lifestyle Author: Wynnie Chan Not at all health books are created equal.  And not all nutrition books can equal the 150 pages of diet improvement advice, nutritional facts and step-by-step recipes put together by Wynnie Chan in her book “Good Carb, Bad Carb for a Healthy Lifestyle”.  Chan”s […]

Exercising In Your Home

Most of us say the same thing when faced with the need to exercise: “we don”t have the time!”. Oddly, however, we seldom hear ourselves (or each other) saying “we don”t have enough space!”. However, this complaint is indeed just as legitimate as the first excuse – er, we mean reason — because, after all, […]

Easy, Tasty, Healthy Snacks

You”ve no doubt heard the advice that it”s better to eat tiny portions of food frequently during the day, than it is to eat three (or more?) large meals.  Indeed, this is good advice!  Eating throughout the day is good for the metabolism, and just as importantly, because you aren”t ravenous, you can take the […]

Alternative Cardio Workouts

Health professionals recommend that we engage in cardio activity 3 to 5 days per week to provide the resistance our heart needs to maintain optimum cardiovascular fitness. A good cardio workout requires that you reach your target heart rate, which can be calculated by subtracting your age from 220. While tread mills, elliptical machines…