Plan for Weight Loss

5 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy That Have Nothing To Do With Celery

Weight loss is an extremely common New Year’s resolution. And, for many, it can become an impossible task full of difficult changes. It doesn’t have to turn into an Olympian effort; some small changes, often basic and easy to maintain, can get you on your way to your slimmer goal. Counting calories and weighing what […]

5 Weight Loss Resolutions To Skip This Year

Losing weight is a common New Year’s resolution, but there are some common errors we make when we tell ourselves “this year, I’ll work on slimming down.” While the New Year is a chance to turn the page to a fresh and clean one, even the best intentions may not be enough to keep from […]

What Is A Calorie Deficit and How To Calculate It?

The key to weight loss is to place your caloric intake in deficit. And there are only two ways to do this; burn more calories than you eat, or eat fewer calories than you’ll burn. Many dieters, especially dieters following a fad diet they don’t fully understand, often run face first into a lack of […]

These Simple Health Habits Are Better Than Any Diet

A common maxim when it comes to eating is to exercise, and exercise moderation. That’s hard for a lot of people, so they prefer more direct, but also simpler, outlines of advice such as a specific diet. Which leads to diet crazes, because the fad food suggestions are easier to embrace when it just says […]

The Popular Diet That Totally Backfired On My Body

One of the most popular diets is the Atkins diet which was introduced in 2003. The Atkins diet is a diet that consists of eating low-carb meals, and foods high in protein such as bacon, eggs, steak, etc. For some people, this sounds like a dream. For the person in this article, it wasn’t the […]

6 Strategies to Prevent Yourself from Overeating

We live in a time when we have lost touch with our natural cycle. Most of us hardly pay attention to our eating habits. These days, eating is not limited to breakfast, lunch or dinner. We eat whenever we feel like. Not saying that it is bad but it can very well lead to poor […]

9 Mindful Eating Secrets To Get You Through The Party Season

Bianca Monley the Eat Fit Food founder gives 9 practical ways to survive the holiday season. Method #1 is to keep yourself hydrated. It is important to drink one glass of water for each alcohol based drink that you consume. Drinking water will make you feel better the next day. Method #2 is to get […]

Meal plan

What To Do If You Eat Lunch Too Early

Even with the best intentions, the pressures of a busy schedule might lead to raiding your lunch or otherwise digging into the midday meal hours ahead of time. If this starts to become a regular habit, it could be a sign your meal arrangements might need some tweaking. Busy and active people sometimes need more […]

10 Best Ways to Avoid Overeating During the Holidays

The holidays bring tons of fun. Friends and family, tree trimming and feasts; it’s an exciting time. It can also bring on the stress. Especially if you’re on track to lose weight. Common advice is often to not diet during the silly season, but just because it’s the time of year end celebration doesn’t mean […]

The Internet Is Suddenly Losing It Over The CICO Diet

Most people think dieting and how a diet works is very simple. Eat less, and there’s less energy coming into the body, which means the body will start to work on those excess pounds we’re looking to drop. Well, now there’s a catchy acronym to help us remember this very simple maxim; CICO. Calories In, […]