Fennel Seeds vs. Ginger for Menstrual Cramps and PMS

Women have been dealing with menstrual cramps for a lot longer than modern medicine has existed. And nearly every woman deals with pain during some of their menstrual cycles. There are natural and traditional methods for alleviating these issues, whether it’s only discomfort or actual pain. Methods that don’t require turning to drugs. In fact, […]

Caffeine ‘Dosing’ Is Here To Help You Get More Done

Many people are dependent on caffeine for their day to day activities. A study by the US Army was conducted to determine the best way people can consume their caffeine and when is the best time they should consume it. Using a computer algorithm, they evaluated each subject’s sleep patterns and caffeine intake patterns and […]

Folic Acid Linked to Healthy Brain Development Through Childhood

Nutrition is absolutely essential to the proper and normal function of a human body. This is particularly important for infants and children, who need a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to be able to develop normally as they grow into adults. While a person who has already finished their adult growth might suffer […]

Can Aspirin Treat Alzheimer’s?

New research published in The Journal of Neuroscience has found a new benefit to the daily aspirin so many doctors recommend. Normally, this recommendation is tied to cardiovascular health. But a regular regimen of the low aspirin dosage typically recommended has been found to reduce certain plaques that can form on brain tissue. Many of […]

Could Oat Milk Be The Next Almond Milk?

Now that almond milk is a familiar staple on the menu of dairy alternatives, the next addition to those alternatives could be oat milk. People invariably are quite wary of new things, especially new things that they might eat or drink. With something like oat milk, the obvious question is whether or not it’s safe. […]

Chlorella – A Trojan Horse Among Superfoods

Not to be confused with the bacterial disease cholera, chlorella is a water algae full of healthy amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s starting to gain something of a super food status among those interested in nutrition and dietary supplements. While it’s good for you, it’s difficult if not impossible for humans to collect […]

‘I Sipped Collagen Every Day For A Month Just To See What Happened’

The skin care industry is big business because the number of people who are concerned with how they look is enormous. These consumers aren’t just looking for makeup and other similar products, but also nutritional supplements like vitamins and probiotics. One product type that’s on the uptick is collagen enhancement. Collagen is a protein our […]

What to Take to Lower Cortisol?

Cortisol is a hormone that is released into the body. Your body produces it naturally. It produces excess cortisol in stressful situations. The more stressed out you get over all the things that happen to you in life, the more cortisol your body will produce. Prolonged periods of having high cortisol levels can affect your […]

Hot peppers

Going Hot: The Benefits of Spicy Food for Your Body & Mind

Spicy food not only tastes good, but it is showing health benefits as well. The two major ingredients found in food such as hot peppers and turmeric are capsaicin and curcumin, respectively. As an example, capsaicin has a thermogenic effect that can help with weight loss. When studied against a control group, the people who […]

So, Can You Get Your Daily Calcium Needs From Ice Cream?

Calcium is a common dietary nutrient that not everyone regularly gets enough of. For this reason, we’re often reminded to drink milk, as it is a great source of calcium. But not everyone likes milk. Where does that leave non-milk drinkers? Are they destined to have problems maintaining strong bones and healthy teeth, both of […]