5 Easy Ways to Hack a Protein Powder Label

Protein powders are everywhere!  From the supplement store to the convenience store, in bags, canisters, and even pre-made shakes. There is no shortage of protein powder options available, and figuring out the best protein option can be flat out overwhelming.  Marketing dominates the protein powder industry, and just because the packaging looks fancy and makes […]

Discovering Ginger

Rich holiday meals and sugary snacks can cause stomach troubles that can ruin an otherwise joyous time. Ginger is an effective, cost efficient and natural way to relieve these issues and quickly get back on your feet. Unpeeled ginger, found in your grocery’s produce section, can be stored for up to three weeks in the […]

3 Reasons Your Supplement Needs to be Pharmaceutical Grade

Have you ever found yourself standing in the aisle at a national chain pharmacy, big box store, or vitamin store trying to decide which supplement is right for you? Has your doctor told you to start taking fish oil and you find yourself at a big box wholesaler looking for somebody to get informed and […]

What You Need to Know About Plant Protein – 2017’s Biggest Food Trend

Kendra Tolbert describes the benefits of using plant protein in combination with (or instead of) animal protein. Plants such as soy, seaweed, and quinoa provide many health benefits while also being more environmentally friendly than animal proteins. Plant proteins can aid your cardiovascular health and may even be related to better reproductive health. They’re sustainable […]

Stomach pain

Yogurt Can Harm Your Gut…

…and Keep Your Midsection Looking Bloated If you eat yogurt to get healthy probiotics, improve your digestive health, and reduce tummy pooch, bloating, and occasional constipation, there’s bad news. Most store-bought yogurts (especially the best tasting ones) are making things worse, not better, for your gut and your health.