The Reason For The Revolution

100 YEARS AGO … All food was organic. Vegetables grew from he earth. Fruit was picked directly from the tree. And farmers actually farmed.Pure, nutrient-dense foods were abundant and chemically-preserved foods were almost non-existent. Food was fresh. The soil was filled with minerals. The water was pure. Everything our bodies needed, we received from the […]

Million Mom Movement

PURIUM HEALTH PRODUCTS’ “MILLION MOM MOVEMENT” The Million Mom Movement is making real food a priority – one household at a time. It all began with one mom, Amy Venner. Before we introduce any product, I ask one simple question – ‘Is this something I would give to Madilyn and Addison?’ That means absolutely NO […]

Daily Core3

Superfoods Made Super Easy! Everything your body needs for about the cost of a fast food meal or a large gourmet coffee. It’s not a budget choice, it’s an eating choice. DAILY CORE3 MINIMUM EFFORT. MAXIMUM RESULTS. Who Busy moms, students, executives, and anyone who needs help fitting proper nutrition into a hectic schedule How […]


“I would rather profit from 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own efforts.” —J Paul Getty – One of the First Billionaires in the World PURIUM is a Business of Duplication Your business income will compound as you enroll new people into our success system. You may know that a […]

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Enrollment Options

ONE DOLLAR Membership Special – June and July 2017 only All Enrollment Packs include: Marketing and Training Materials BPA Free Shaker Bottle The Green Foods Bible Plus Online Tools: Marketing Website Basic Back Office Daily GET STARTED Wholesale Membership DAILY CORE3: Super Amino Apothe-Cherry Power Shake – Apple Berry $500+ Value $249 $175 with $50 […]

19 Reasons to Join Purium

1. The Real Food Revolution 100 years ago all food was organic … vegetables grew from the earth … fruit was picked right off the tree … fish swam in pristine streams, lakes and oceans and animas roamed free. Now, many of the things we put into our bodies are not made by God and […]

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Purium Membership

IF YOU … Have the desire to create a positive change in your personal health or financial life – PURIUM is for YOU! Enjoy helping others find and create a positive change in their personal health or financial life – PURIUM is for YOU! Want to take an active role in the movement of “Making […]

The Purium Business

Purium Product + AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM = A REWARDING OPPORTUNITY PRODUCTS The Real Food Revolution has begun! Clean and green super foods that Purium manufactures. No middlemen means better value for customers and members. Make real money helping people get off of fake food. Pure Food. Fresh Food. Concentrated Food. No Artificial Ingredients. No GMOs. No […]

Purium Compensation

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PURIUM PAY PLAN Higher payout because Purium manufacturers the products Weekly and monthly pay – 64 earning periods per year! The new “Give 50 / Get 50” Bonus Program – paid weekly! Highest monthly CASH Bonuses in the industry – up to $10,000 per month! Three Recognition Trips! Up to 3 Generations […]


David Sandoval Owner & CEO Author of “The Green Foods Bible” I hear it all the time. “I need to get in shape fast.” And it’s usually followed up with something like, “I have two weeks to lose weight without losing energy and I don’t want to do anything extreme … Can you help?” Phew, […]