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DO IT YOUR WAY with PURIUM. Purium offers three premium programs using pure super foods to infuse your body with daily nutritional needs. While we do offer a complete super food store filled with more than sixty non-GMO products, we recommend starting with one of these three programs and then adding additional products to targeting your […]

LIFE. At the Next Level.

Your Guide to the Purium Lifestyle Discover your full potential. Become the best you can be. Be the inspiration. What are you waiting for? We believe in you. BUY RETAIL CUSTOMER Become a Retail Customer save $50 on your Purchase. CLICK HERE TO BUY Best option for trying products without commitment. JOIN WHOLESALE MEMBER Join […]

Will Glyphosate Affect Your Digestive System?

How is Glyphosate toxic to humans? Microorganisms that are progenic happen to be of high necessity for the good health of mammals. These microbes function for food digestion, synthesize vitamins, make sure that the permeability of the gut remains balanced, optimize immune response, as well as metabolize certain substances that happen to be toxic. There […]

Purium: The Company

Based on the CORE 3 ideal that proteins, fruits, and vegetables provide the most important nutrients that our bodies need as fuel on a daily basis, all of Purium’s products come from super foods that ensure the daily levels needed of many essential nutrients. Protein is necessary for building lean muscles and for equipping the […]

Are GMO Foods and Glyphosate Affecting Our Gut?

GM Foods May Be Destroying Vital Bacteria Genetically modified foods have become incredibly common around the world. In some ways, this is a good thing. Genetic modification can make food more nutritious. For example, one of the first GMOs was a new kind of rice designed to produce vitamin A. It may have saved millions […]

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You Won’t Believe How Much More Junk Food We’re Eating 20 Years On

Over the last twenty years, the portions of unhealthy foods that we eat has been dramatically rising. There are a number of salient reasons for this. In order to compete with discount brands, big junkfood corporations like Coles and Woolworths are decreasing the prize and upping the size of their bulk offerings, causing customers who […]

Sprays – 4 pack (Control, Chill, Charge, Ease)

Purium has Discontinued the Spray Products   >>The current prices for all the Purium Products as of are Here<<   Live your best day, with a spray! Spray away your stress (CHILL), fatigue (CHARGE), achy joints (EASE) and snacking habits (CONTROL) with our entire collection of mouth sprays. Made with all-natural ingredients and without calories […]

Spray Ease 1 oz

Purium Has Discontinued This Product   >>The current prices for all the Purium Products as of are Here<<   Naturally EASE your body from daily wear and tear. This bottle of relief, made with Turmacin, may support muscles, joints and healthy inflammatory response – with a Cinnamon flavor. Keep it in your gym bag so […]

Spray Control 1 oz

CONTROL your appetite and boost your metabolism, in 20 seconds. Plus, main ingredient garcinia cambogia blocks the enzyme that your body uses to make fat. A great support for anyone who replaces a daily meal or two with a shake. No need to waste calories or time on a snack, when you can spray away […]

Spray Chill 1 oz

Purium has Discontinued the Spray Products >>The current prices for all the Purium Products as of are Here<< CHILL your nerves and calm your energy, in seconds. Ingredients SunTheanine™ and GABA work together to promote relaxation, help stabilize mood and relieve daily stress – without drowsiness. A natural solution for nervous and worrisome moods, with […]