How Safe Is Your Public Swimming Pool?

Tips To Find The Best Medical Alert System For Your Health

A medical alert system is a device to alert loved ones when you’re in an emergency. It provides people near-and-dear to your heart with peace of mind as they know you’re never alone. One push of a button on the device will alert registered individuals if you need help. The device advises operators to contact […]

Want a Strong, Safe, Smart Workplace? Begin with Your Hiring

Most startups and entrepreneurs in general envision a strong, safe, and smart workplace before opening their doors for business. However, once operational, you may start noticing things reminiscent of moving into a different house: the doors start to creak, a pipe leaks, boards in the framework start to warp, windows start to leak, and you […]

10 Foods You Need In Your Emergency Kits

The world is a chaotic and crazy place. Although we’d like to believe that we will always have access to clean water, fresh food, and emergency care, the reality is that natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and political unrest are part of the equation, and thinking that we are immune to such things will likely put […]

SealSkin Medical Wrap Vs Normal Wrap: What’s The Difference?

The world of wound care has definitely made some leaps and bounds over the years. Back in the old days, people had to use leaves and loincloths to dress their wounds. Today, there’s now the concept of proper wound care and the techniques used therein have considerably evolved with the aid of technology.

Emergency Care Facilities: Know Where to Go

How Medical Alert Systems can Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Car Seat Safety / Cold / Controversy

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The Conversation We’re Not Having About Digital Child Abuse | Sebastián Bortnik

Because of the vast advancements in social networking technology over the last decade, there is a large lack of understanding and communication between children and their parents about current social networking trends and the dangers of them. Many children as young as 11 are using these applications daily, and there have been numerous cases of […]

Why You Should Always Open Your Car Door With Your Right Hand

When it comes to opening car doors, people might not think about it but there is actually a certain particular way in which you should open your car door. One particular way in which you should always open your car doors is that you should always open your car door with your right hand. The only […]