6 Top Tips to Maintain Dental Hygiene

Smiling is the major expression in our life. Children smile about 400 times a day, while a cheerful adult smiles at least 30-40 times a day. Women tend to smile more than men. Smiling tends to create a positive flow of hormones in our body and make us feel better. However, smiling also requires you […]

Leg Twitching Keeping You Up At Night?

Pediatric Urology Syracuse NY: What Is A Pediatric Urologist and What Do They Do?

Urology deals with health conditions involving the organs of the urinary tract (kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, and urethra). It also covers issues in the male reproductive system (penis, testes, prostate, scrotum, etc.).

Brain Bleed

The Weird & Wonderful Ways Women Are Getting Rid Of Period Pain

Period pain and cramping affects many people during menstruation, and in the days leading up to it. For some, these aches and pains can be mild and merely uncomfortable; for others, they can be extremely painful, and even impact day-to-day life.

Your Gut Affects More Than Just Digestion: Understanding Gut Health

Infant Hypothermia

11 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make For A Better Life

Are you living a good life? We’re not talking about money; We’re talking about your overall well-being? If not, then you’ve come to the right place because below are 10 lifestyle changes you should make if you want a better life.

Tips to Prevent Leakage of Adult Diapers

Caring for our elderly loved ones is a serious task. There are many challenges that families face when caring for the elderly at home. Seniors have needs that are uniquely different from younger age groups.

How To Stay Healthy After Undergoing Surgery

If you have recently undergone major surgery, then you may be worrying about how your general health may deteriorate during your recovery period. Recovering from surgery usually involves a lot of sitting and doing nothing, and as a result, bad habits begin to surface when it comes to eating and exercising.