Lifestyle Diseases of XXI Century: Payment for Progress

Mankind has become a victim of sufficiency. We learned to control birth rates and infections and increased life expectancy. We don’t have to toil on fields in order to get food on the table. Labor-saving technologies save us lots of time and energy we can spend on things we love. Life is great apart from […]

What Does Your Thyroid Do?

Why Learning About Health and The Public Health System Is Important

Health is a big concern for most people nowadays, especially with the rising number of diseases that go around. Individuals with public health degrees are working tirelessly everywhere around the world to ensure a higher quality of health for the majority. Here are some things that you need to know about health and the public […]

Could Polio Return?

All About Hiccups

Common Summer Injuries to Avoid

Pediatric Dentist Tips On Preparing Your Child To See The Dentist

Parenting takes a lot of responsibility. More than just the fun trips to the park or play center, there are also those mandatory visits for your child’s health and welfare that can seem quite daunting. One of these is a trip to the dentist.

The Importance of Dental Offices Eugene Oregon in the Healthcare Industry

When it comes to healthcare services, one of the most overlooked aspects is dental health. Most people only seek dental services when experiencing toothache or gum pain and swelling. That’s why dental offices play a crucial role in promoting and maintaining public dental health.

Cord blood

What Your Complete Blood Count Is Telling You

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Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

Why do you need dental braces? There are some oral conditions which can affect our health. Some of these conditions also affect how we present ourselves to society. None of us would like to introduce themselves to a weak smile. Oral health is the overall care of our mouth, teeth, breathe, and tongue. One oral […]