Are You A Secret Aromatherapist?

We have all heard the saying “Stop and smell the roses.” This saying may come from early practitioners of aromatherapy. Or how many of us have spread Vicks Vapor Rub on hoping to get some relief from a cold? Again this is aromatherapy. Are you a practitioner without even realizing it?

Perfectionist or Procrastinator – Just Gitter Done!

Are you a perfectionist? For some people, good enough is just not good enough. While for others, turning down a project is a lot better than finishing it off in a less than perfect way. Doing nothing, accomplishing nothing is a lot better than achieving something that is not at all one hundred percent exceptional.   Be honest […]

Foods that Fight Free Radicals

When we get older we still want to find ourselves healthy, mentally sharp, and energetic. What we now know is how you live your life today impacts how fit and well you will be tomorrow.

Restless Legs Syndrome

Do you experience painful leg muscles and an abnormally uncontrollable desire to move around just to partially relieve the pain? Beware of those symptoms for it could be a sign of a more serious illness.

Special Tips for Family Time Management

The goal oriented process of time management works equally well in family time management as it does for work related time management.

Shopping for a Gym

One of the most important aspects of getting healthy is training. You will need to train your body to achieve the physique that you have always wanted. A good way of accomplishing your goals is to find the right gym for you.

Holiday Travel

Chances are if you haven’t just gotten back from a trip you are heading out in the next few weeks to visit family and friends. If you plan to travel by plane here are a few reminders to make your travel easier.

Exercising with High Blood Pressure

If you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure you should check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Your doctor may want to perform a stress test to determine a safe level of exercise for you. But high blood pressure shouldn’t stop you from exercising. In fact it is beneficial.

How To Avoid Bad Hair Days

Get a good hair cut! It all begins right here. Without a good hair cut, nothing else you do will give you the results you want.

Human Growth Hormone The Controversy

It was discovered during Anna Nicole Smith’s autopsy that she had traces of Human Growth Hormone. Australian customs officials recently detained for Sylvester Stallone for attempting to enter Australia with 48 vials of HGH in his luggage. Barry Bonds has had his name linked to Human Growth Hormone usage. The 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta […]