4 High-Potency CBD Products That Provide Incredible Benefits

CBD has been in the spotlight over the past couple of years, thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that allows farmers to grow hemp for CBD products. Many people have discovered the benefits that CBD can provide, such as reduced pain, better sleep, decreased anxiety, and improved overall mood.

Unfortunately, many CBD products don’t work as expected because they don’t actually contain enough CBD to produce effects.  STB Active  is seeking to change that with high-potency CBD products. Learn more about four high-potency CBD products below.

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1. Nighttime Tincture

One of the best ways to enhance your sleep is by using a high-potency CBD tincture with CBN. Tinctures are a blend of oils and other ingredients, and they come in a dropper bottle. The best way to take tinctures is by placing the mixture under your tongue and holding it there for one to two minutes before swallowing.

Your body can absorb various components, including CBD, quickly and easily underneath the tongue, and many people feel results much faster with this method than they do with edibles. This method may not kick in quite as fast as vaping or smoking CBD products, but tinctures do not put your lung health at risk, in the same way, inhaling CBD or other cannabis products can.

When purchasing CBD tinctures, look for those that are made with full-spectrum CBD that was grown in the United States. It’s also important to only purchase CBD products that are  third-party tested  regularly to ensure the product actually contains what it says it does on the label.


2. Daytime Tincture

Although CBD has been immensely helpful to many people for sleep, plenty of others want to use CBD to help with chronic pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, and several more physical or mental health troubles. A daytime tincture is formulated with full-spectrum CBD, but with lower levels of CBN, the component that helps to induce sleep to keep you asleep throughout the night.

Daytime tinctures are fantastic for those who want to feel more balanced throughout the regular workday and gain the anti-inflammatory benefits CBD can offer without making you want to get under the covers and turn out the lights.

Daytime tinctures are a discreet way to get your daily dose of CBD, and they are much less taboo in the public eye than smoking or vaping CBD products. Plus, the bottle is small and convenient enough to take with you in a backpack or purse, and the no-mess dropper prevents the bottle from spilling its contents everywhere. Daytime tinctures are an affordable, fast, and convenient way to enjoy CBD.


3. Salve

Another incredible way to harness the power of CBD is to use a  relief salve  that is applied directly to sore muscles or achy joints. CBD is unique in that it can target and relieve the inflammation that causes swelling, and it can leave you feeling better in no time at all.

You can apply CBD salve as often as you need throughout the day, but it also works wonders when applied before a workout to minimize the pain you feel as you move.

Like all CBD products, not all salves are created equally, so choose your CBD salves carefully. Look for those that are made with USDA Organic Ingredients, and those that contain at least 2000 mg of CBD, but preferably 2400 mg to get the best results.

CBD products that are made with full-spectrum CBD also tend to work much better than those that only contain CBD isolate. This is due to a widely accepted phenomenon known as the  entourage effect. The entourage effect simply means that CBD works much better when other components from the hemp plant are also included in the product, such as terpenes and traces of THC.

Many companies produce CBD products that are made only of CBD isolate, and these tend to be much less effective for pain relief and sleep aids than full spectrum CBD.


4. Roll-On

Like slaves, you can apply roll-on CBD products as often as you need, but be sure to let the formula absorb through your skin completely before commencing exercise or covering the area with clothing.  Roll-on CBD products seem to be especially effective for sore or tight muscles, as the roller also provides a brief and gentle massaging that can encourage blood flow and speed up healing and pain relief. Many people enjoy using them on their shoulders, back, knees, and other sore spots throughout the day.

Even though roll-ons are applied topically instead of ingested, finding a product that is third-party tested should still be a priority. There are plenty of bad actors in the CBD industry that wants to sell you products cut with cheap oils or those that don’t contain any CBD at all.

Roll-ons are the ultimate on-the-go CBD product, as they provide an even more convenient way to apply CBD to your pain points no matter where you are!


Give High-Potency CBD Products a Try!

Although CBD provides countless benefits and has helped numerous people deal with pain, anxiety, and insomnia, many manufacturers don’t take the necessary steps to ensure that their products provide enough CBD to actually work. This might be due to the fact that it can be more difficult to create high-potency formulas, or because they can make more profits off of selling low-potency ones to people who don’t know better.

Either way, only purchase CBD products that truly provide the right dosage to allow their effects to kick in and only spend your hard-earned money on high-potency, full-spectrum CBD products.  It’s also important to speak with your doctor prior to taking CBD to ensure that CBD won’t interfere with any of the prescription medications you are taking, especially if you plan to use CBD tinctures, vapes, or edibles. Your doctor may also provide dosage recommendations.

Many CBD advocates feel the greatest benefit by using a combination of two or more of the above options. For example, some might enjoy taking the daytime tincture in the morning and the nighttime tincture at night, while others may prefer to use one of the tinctures combined with a salve or roll-on for chronic pain and inflammation. It can be fun to try different products and combinations to see which ones work best for you, especially once you can really start to feel them working their science-backed magic.

If you are interested in learning more about CBD or want to try a product, look to a  trustworthy source like  STB Active. Check out their full line of  products  and see which one is right for you!



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