5 Best Ways To Consume CBD Oil

CBD oil has many health benefits to be obtained, so it’s no wonder that there is an all-time high level of interest in the subject. The most common form in which you can buy CBD is a bottle of CBD oil, and it has become more widely available than ever. But what do you do with this stuff? For those who may be asking that question, let’s examine the five most common ways to consume CBD oil.


CBD Capsules

This is an obvious solution: Take the CBD oil and enclose it in a gel cap. There are many other types of healthy oils that are taken in this way, such as fish oil. One of the main benefits of CBD capsules is their consistent dosage. When you pick up one of these things, there is no doubt as to how much you are taking. When consuming raw CBD oil, it is much harder to get the dosage right

Capsules might reduce the bioavailability of CBD, according to some sources. It all comes down to something called the “first-pass effect.” Sometimes, when the body is metabolizing a drug, it will break down the substance too soon. This results in a local metabolization, meaning that the drug is used up before it can reach its destination and do its job. According to this study, CBD is highly vulnerable to the first-pass effect.


CBD Dabs

Dabs, also known as waxes, are the strongest form of CBD that you can get. They are based on the THC dabs that have become so popular in states where Cannabis is fully legal. However, instead of being a pure THC extract, this is a pure CBD extract: Same concept, different end product. The name “dab” comes from the manner in which this stuff is smoked. A hollow tube made of metal or glass is “dabbed” onto the solid concentrate.

Those who want to get a little more sophisticated can use a special pipe called a “dab rig.” Dabs have great potential because of their high degree of potency. They basically give you a supercharged gut-punch of CBD like no other. Not only does this enhance the medicinal benefits, but it also enhances the relaxant effect.


CBD Edibles

This is an area where nearly infinite possibilities exist. When you are cooking up your favorite dish, you can always add a little CBD oil from StirlingCBDOil.com. This will give it the taste of Hemp and the health benefits for which it is known. We could go on all day listing all the great recipes involving CBD oil and/or Hemp flower, but there is no way we could cover that much ground. Instead, here are a few sample recipes involving CBD. The main thing to keep in mind is that the cannabinoid oil doesn’t necessarily mix well with everything. For instance, mixing it with eggs or mashed potatoes probably wouldn’t work so well. CBD mixes especially well with sweet items like cakes, gummies, and brownies.


CBD Topicals

There are other forms of CBD that are meant to be absorbed through the skin. Obviously, these are meant to treat external problems like rashes and the like. Yes, CBD and other Cannabis products are very good for your skin. If you think that is unbelievable, you might want to read this statement from the American Academy Of Dermatology. According to these people, CBD oils can be used to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, and a few other skin disorders.



If you want to go with a process that is the cleanest and the purest, then CBD oil is the method you should choose. It uses CO2 to extract the CBD from the cannabis plant.

Most people think that using CBD oil is very similar to using CBD tincture but there are several differences between the two. I’ll cover that in the next section. For now, let’s get back to CBD oil.

Almost all CBD oil products come with a dropper that you’ll use to put some drops under your tongue. And that’s pretty much it.

If you’ve tried CBD oil before, you’ll know that there is a bitter taste and that’s the reason why a lot of people look for alternatives. But do note that CBD oil typically has a higher concentration compared to other products. This will make it more appealing to people who plan on using this to treat chronic conditions like epilepsy, chronic pain, etc.

Also before you buy CBD oil, make sure you are checking how much CBD you are getting per mg. This will help you determine whether you want to go for a product that has a higher concentration or a lower one. Typically products with a higher concentration of CBD are more expensive.


CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is considered as THE purest form of CBD because once it has gone through the extraction process, only cannabidiol is left and nothing else. All the other properties of the cannabis plant are removed.

If you are looking to have additional benefits of consuming CBD like the entourage effect, you may want to look at a full spectrum CBD product. CBD isolate is the opposite of that.

But the good part about this is you can use it with anything you want.

Why you ask?

Well, once the extraction process is complete, there is nothing left besides cannabidiol, and that’s tasteless. And since CBD isolate powder is the most popular form that people buy, you can add it to anything you cook or drink and you won’t even know it’s in there.



Although there are many ways to consume CBD oil, most of them are variations on these five methods. All of them are guaranteed to get the CBD into your system effectively, which is why all of them are popular. However, we did find some evidence to suggest that the ingestion of CBD is inferior to other methods. In the end, it’s all about your personal preference. The benefits of CBD will probably remain the same, regardless of how you take the stuff.




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