Depression and Cannabis

Depression affects millions, and even mental health professionals can’t always be certain what will or won’t help a specific patient. With the legalization of marijuana continuing to sweep the nation, it is now possible to investigate the effects of cannabis on mental health, and better determine whether or not THC or CBD could improve the quality of life for those suffering from depression.

It is not news that most recreational users of marijuana are interested in how it alters their mood. But now that can be investigated clinically, where as before it was extremely difficult due to the prior legal issues surrounding the substance. Early findings are already confirming conventional wisdom; that both THC and CBD can be beneficial for general emotional mood. And in states that have had legal cannabis for a few years now, suicide rates are showing definite and measurable drops; especially for young males between twenty and forty years of age.

Depression is a mood disorder that carries with it a variety of very harmful symptoms. The good news is cannabis offers a new way to treat it. And even patients who don’t want to get high just to feel better can have hope. CBD is showing strong promise without the high effect of THC, even though both come from the same plant.

Key Points:

  • 1Cannabis may often be helpful in treating depression in some people.
  • 2Many people who use cannabis recreationaly are actually self-medicating to improve mood.
  • 3Studies on cannabis treatment look promising, but much more study is needed.

Those who use cannabis recreationally for mental health maintenance are often using it for mood enhancement, effectively avoiding major depression and the need for medical intervention.

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