Everything You Need To Know About A Urine Drug Screen And Test

Drug tests can crop up in a wide variety of situations and any time regardless of how convenient taking the test may be. They are a common barrier than many organizations use to remove employees and participants.

The urine drug screen is the most common form of the drug test. It can detect a massive variety of drugs in your system even after their use. To prepare you for the future, we have all the information on urine drug screens.

What the Urine Drug Screen is For

A urine drug screen is a simple and painless test used to test for a variety of drugs in a person’s system. The test will often take only a few minutes and results are available within a day or two.

The urine drug screen will look for most major drugs, including amphetamines, barbiturates, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, methadone, and opioids.

The Testing Scenarios

The most common time you may be testing is during a job application. Many companies have taken drug tests up as a form of screening for drug addicts during interviews.

The higher the position is, the more common a drug test can be. They are mandatory for government positions.

Some organizations may require you to take a drug test for athletic functions to test for performance-enhancing drugs. Certain organizations may test you on entering due to their moral philosophies.

Different Types of Tests

There are two forms to the urine drug screen. The first is the immunoassay, the second is a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, often referred to as GC/MS.

Both take urine samples and monitor the chemical components within the urine. The immunoassay gets results back fast and is cheap to make, but can get false positives. The GC/MS takes longer but avoids false positives.

A false positive is when a particular chemical combination makes a drug type show up when there has been no drug use.

Both tests can also have a false negative, where no drug type shows up, but drugs have been in use. This is not as common and becomes more rare with heavier drug use.

What The Test is Like

The test can be awkward but is simple and painless. Before the test, you will need to empty your pockets and leave all your belongings outside the test area. The test area will often be a bathroom for sanitary reasons.

Whoever is administering the test will provide you a specimen cup with which you must urinate at least 45 milliliters. They will often have caps to prevent spilling.

A test administrator may accompany you during the procedure to ensure you are doing it right.

CBD Oil and Drug Tests

On all these drug tests, the worry regarding CBD oil has cropped up. Despite no categorization as a dangerous drug, its connection to the ever common target of marijuana can get you in trouble.

Does CBD oil show up in drug tests? It sometimes can and the uncertainty can be nerve-wracking. If it shows, make sure you know what to do.

Getting Your Results

With a clear understanding of how the urine drug screen works and its use, you can avoid uncertain surprises. Drug tests can be a regular part of a job, so preparation is key.

Companies like Trulieve can help to guide you through all your dispensary needs. Contact us today if you have additional questions.


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