CBD Oil for Dogs: A Vet Weighs In On This Trendy Topic

CBD Oil for Dogs: A Vet Weighs In On This Trendy Topic

In America dogs are more than just pets, they are family. Often, dogs can suffer from many different kinds of illnesses and pains- and people spend thousands of dollars to find cures for their beloved dogs. There are several ways to manage and treat a dog’s ailments, and the use of CBD oil may be one of them. While it is more popular with holistic medicine to treat a variety of illnesses in humans, there are some studies that show that CBD can be used to treat dogs.

Most of the studies are focused on treating dogs with arthritis, however, a recent study from Cornell University shows that it can alleviate other symptoms. Chelsea Riviera, the co-founder of Honest Paws, saw the effects first hand with her Maltipoo who suffered from seizures. After a month of using CBD, her Maltipoo showed great improvement.

Although veterinarians cannot prescribe cannabis products to dogs, some have seen first-hand the positive effects of the product. Dr. Gary Ritcher says “I have seen CBD and other forms of cannabis be very effective…it can help with everything from pain to soreness to stress.” Moreover, the dosage of CBD oil varies but is usually dependent on the animal’s size and age. Distributing CBD to dogs may prove difficult but the most effective way to administer it is orally where the oil can be absorbed through the tissues in the mouth. Currently, there are no known negative effects of CBD oils with the exception of drowsiness.

Key Points:

  • 1. Providing pet owners with all natural, lab-tested CBD oil, infused chews, and other treats for dogs and cats.
  • 2. With a growing list of potential health benefits and no known side effects, CBD is gaining in popularity among US consumers and their