Hemp In China: A Hemp Growing Superpower

Hemp In China: A Hemp Growing Superpower

China is the world’s largest hemp producer, currently accounting for around 70% of the world’s hemp. Growing hemp for beauty purposes is actually pretty new in China. Chinese people have used hemp for a variety of purposes throughout history. However, in recent years, its use was heavily restricted by the government as a part of anti-drug regulations.

In 2010, China started to roll back the restrictions on hemp use and production. Hemp is only allowed to be grown in two Chinese provinces, Heilongjiang Province in northern China, and Yunnan Province, located in the south of the country. Most of this hemp is used for textiles, and is the most profitable part of the hemp trade. Jilin province is also expected to allow hemp production in the future. China is a good place to grow hemp because it has a lot of available farm land, and because the climate is very good for growing hemp.

It is expected that Chinese firms will come to dominate this industry, and U.S. firms should be prepared for this. Companies such as Conba Group, Huaren Pharmaceutical, and Shineco will be big players in this industry. It is predicted that the hemp industry will continue to grow in China for the foreseeable future.

Key Points:

  • 1China’s climate is good for growing hemp.
  • 2Hemp is a bio accumulator and absorbs toxins which are found in the soil therefore hemp products must be  carefully produced
  • 3Hanma Investment Group is one firm advocating for hemp production to expand in China.

The partnership of hemp and China is a match made in heaven.