Hemp Will Change The World: Meet Drew

Hemp Will Change The World: Meet Drew

Drew, the sales and sponsorship assistant at the Ministry of Hemp, goes on to talk about her relationship with hemp and the impact it has on her life. After discovering hemp in the mid-2000s with textiles and then later on as hemp seeds, she started experimenting with CBD around two years ago.

Having suffered from depression and anxiety, Drew took hemp as a supplement and experienced positive results. It is now a part of her daily routine. Hemp seems to have improved her life in that she can think more clearly and is less anxious. It helps her relax and also relieves pain. Her favorite way to eat hemp is with the hemp milk recipe because it’s simple and quick as she doesn’t have to strain it and is delicious. Moreover, she also explains how she thinks that the future of the hemp industry may be a struggle. However, at the same time, it can be something that people can be proud of as it can be a way to regenerate the world and human relationships, as well as our relationship with the Earth. In addition, she believes the hemp industry should focus on quality, transparency, and equity as the plant has a history and CDB is a part of it.

The industry should focus on keeping it simple and making sure it is easy for everyone to access when needed. She believes hemp can change the world since it is so versatile and people have been using it for food to CBD products. More so, people are trying to create beautiful things and being honest with what’s in their product and getting creative. She believes that in itself is a world-changing opportunity.

Key Points:

  • 1 She is taking CBD primarily for her anxiety and depression.
  • 2 Claims CBD has helped her significantly, especially with her anxiety.
  • 3 Claims CBD will regenerate human relations and the p