How CBD Dabs Are Making Dabbing Accessible To Everyone

How CBD Dabs Are Making Dabbing Accessible To Everyone

Some cannabis enthusiasts will occasionally turn to dabbing, which is not using the leaf but rather an extract or concentrate of marijuana. Sometimes called rosin, or wax, or shatter, crumble, or rosin, it’s a somewhat more concentrated form of cannabis. It can be produced industrially, and increasingly is as marijuana becomes legal across the United States, but sometimes can be produced at home by the user. While some will turn to these processed products for a stronger effect, others like the differences in texture or use.

It’s referred to as dab, or dabbing, because most of these concentrated products are something you can just dab a little of into your smoking or vaping apparatus and still get a measurable effect.

With the rise of legalization, so too are CBD oil and CBD dab products becoming more common. While marijuana and any product derived from it that still contains THC is normally utilized for the high or medical effect, CBD comes from the cannabis plant but has a purely medical application.

There are a variety of reasons someone might turn to a CBD product, dab or otherwise, but some of them include treating anxiety or pain, helping to cope with PTSD, or to offer lower level relief for chronic pain such as that found with migraines or arthritis. Since there’s no high, and only the relief effect, and is non-addictive, CBD is becoming more popular. Even among people who don’t turn to THC for recreational use.

Key Points:

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