How Does CBD Help My Arthritis?

There are various studies which suggest that cannabidiol (“CBD”) can play an effective role in relief of arthritis. However, before using the same, it is better to know about all of its benefits, and perhaps, the side effects as well.

CBD oil is one of the major forms of CBD which can be used for the purposes of relief from arthritis. Such oil is extracted from cannabis plants. This article will take you through how does CBD help in relieving the effects of arthritis.


What is CBD Oil?

The first question that comes to mind is that what is CBD oil. It is basically an oil which comes from the cannabis plant. There are various CBD oil products available in the market. The amount of CBD in each product will vary depending on its use.

CBD is also used as a recreational drug. This is why there is a lot of debate going around the notions whether CBD should be used for medicinal purposes or not.

Cannabis is also called hemp a lot of times. This is, however, depending on the level of THC in it. A lot of people use CBD oil for the purpose of pain relief and inflammation. There are various studies and researches to suggest this notion.


Arthritis Relief

One of the leading causes of disability all across the globe, especially the USA, is arthritis. There are different kinds of arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis is one common kind which directly impacts the immune system which causes inflammation. It majorly damages the feet and hand which results into swollen joints.

On the other hand, osteoarthritis is a condition (degenerative) which impacts the bones and cartilage. This causes severe stiffness and pain to the body. It also negatively impacts the knee, hips and thumb joints.

There are studies by medical institutions, such as one of the most reputed Mission Organic Center, which show that people who use CBD have experienced relief from arthritis. This is in the form of better pain relief, improved sleep and also decreased levels of anxiety. These studies basically shows that: (i) CBD can be a useful treatment option for arthritis patients; (ii) application of CBD on areas where pain is experienced can cause relief; and (iii) CBD is helpful in reducing inflammation in the body.

Nevertheless, it is pertinent to note that there is not solid and cogent evidence to show that pain relief has direct relation to consumption or application of CBD products.

Moreover, CBD has now proven to effectively relieve people from chronic pain. Certain receptors are blocked as a result of consumption of CBD. This allows for anandamide to increase in the body. This helps in reduction of pain and inflammation in the body.

Although the benefits of CBD are immense, it is also imperative to know the side effects and potential risks of such consumption. Below you will find the same.


How to use it?

CBD is available in various forms. However, the two most common forms are powder and oil. The powder and oil can thereafter be used to apply to the areas which are impacted by arthritis.

With the passage of time, the industry has come up with different forms such as oral spray and capsule form. These forms can be used as well for effective results.

In any case, it is always a good idea to consult a medical professional as to how CBD should be consumed or applied. Furthermore, you should also consult with legal professionals who will guide you regarding the legality of using such products. It is good to do so in order to avoid potential issues.


Are there any side effects?

It is further important to know whether there are any side effects of using CBD products. There are some studies which show that generally, people can tolerate CBD properly. In other words, there are no major side effects.

However, some individuals have reported that they experienced some side effects. This includes diarrhea, changes in weight, fatigue and changes in appetite. There are concerns surrounding use of CBD that it may also interfere with the enzyme system which supports the liver’s capacity for breaking down the toxins in our body. Thus, consumption of CBD may indirectly result into increase in toxicity of liver.

Thus, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor regarding the dosage which shall be consumed. CBD may interact with different existing conditions in the body or prescribed medications that you may be consuming.

It is very important to note that some medications may have adverse impact if consumed along with CBD. Thus, it is essential to get in touch with medical professionals for this purpose.


Are there are considerations?

Some medical authorities of different states have approved CBD as an effective medicinal drug. However, at the same time, it has also been declared as something which can trigger seizures and epilepsy. For instance, CBD can cause issues if consumed with drugs such as naproxen and tramadol.

Moreover, it is imperative to take caution of the fact that CBD can even cause issues if consumed with high fat meals. The blood concentrations of CBD can be increased by high fat meals. This can multiply the chances of side effects occurring.

Some individuals can also be allergic to CBD consumption. Therefore, it is recommendable to consider the same as well.


The Bottom Line

CBD has shown promising results when it comes to treatment of arthritis. The receptors in the brain are positively affected and the immune system is influenced in such a way that it helps in reduction of pain and inflammation.

However, it is also advisable to know other aspects such as side effects and risks. Above is all that you need to know. In any event, whenever you are consuming CBD in any form whatsoever, you should consult a medical professional to know the suitable dosage. Also do not forget to consult a suitable legal professional regarding legality of the consumption.




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