How to Buy CBD Oil?

How to Buy CBD Oil?

CBD oil is rapidly becoming the talking point for people who are surprised, or at least bemused, by the growing legalization of marijuana and cannabis. Most such people assumed, or assume, cannabis is only for getting high and enjoying the recreational benefits. CBD is turning out to change a lot of minds, now that it can be researched, studied, and used by both doctors and patients. CBD oil offers benefits to patients dealing with anxiety or pain, for example; in ways that are often more advantageous than modern pharmaceuticals.

But how do you get your hands on this apparent miracle compound that’s now legally available? That can be the trick because at the moment CBD isn’t something you can just walk into the drug store and pick up. That might change, but at the moment CBD is being treated in the same category as the thousands upon thousands of unregulated sham substances you see advertised all the time. Meaning, CBD oil can be carried by basically any store that wants to, and shipped or sold as they see fit. Proponents suggest CBD should be an over-the-counter drug, and as more research becomes available to confirm its benefits it probably will be. But, for now, you need to check around at local stores or online, settle on a retailer and manufacturer, and get it that way.

Key Points:

  • 1CBD oil classified by THC content
    Hemp and cannabis difference is based on the concentration of THC
    less then 0.3 percent THC it is hemp and legal
    more than 0.3 percent THC and it is cannabis
  • 2CBD oil has a percent concentration of CBD. Testing must be done to find a percentage. No regulation in place.
  • 3Some conditions respond to CBD.
    Some conditions respond to THC.
    Some conditions respond to both.

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