How to Identify and Shop for High-Quality Cannabis Oil

How to Identify and Shop for High-Quality Cannabis Oil

CBD oil is helping many people with their health conditions.  There are many brands selling in our current market and more products and manufacturers jumping on the scene daily.  How do you tell a good product from a not so good product?  Here are some helpful tips:

Good Cannabis Oil:

  • Is grown in clean organic soil
  • Utilizes the cannabis flower
  • Preserves the chemical profile during extraction
  • Contains no contaminants and solvents in the final product

The color and clarity of your oil can be manipulated.  Don’t trust your sight alone.  Do be aware of any dust or debris seen in your oil.  That is a sign of a defective product.

Labels and packaging just like in all consumable goods can help you compare and contrast products.  Many products are labeled with the extraction method, the source farm and the chemical make-up of the oil.

Fresh is always better.  Cannabis oil does have a long shelf life when stored in a cool dark place.  But just like food, fresh is best.

Key Points:

  • 1Any defects in the plant or soil will be amplified in the oil.
  • 2Air tight glass containers are better for preserving your product.
  • 3Labels on products will help you compare brands and expectations.

A full-spectrum extract will encapsulate all the cannabinoids and terpenes as they occur in the flower naturally.

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