India’s History of Cannabis Use

India’s History of Cannabis Use

Cannabis and its use only seem new these days because during the twentieth century it came under government regulation that saw it banned across most of the world. But before that, many countries and cultures made use of various cannabis plants for a number of needs. In India, for example, it was seen as a crop with not just industrial or medical uses, but also one with religious connotations as well.

Indian records regarding cannabis stretch back into 2000 BC. Mention of it is made in sacred Hindu texts, where it’s listed as one of the five sacred plants. Hindu teachings speak of Shiva, a Hindu God, using cannabis to treat himself when dealing with emotional or stressful matters. For this reason, Hindu teaching considers cannabis a herb of happiness and joy.

Cannabis has been used in India to treat pain, among a variety of other medical issues, for thousands of years. Herbal medicine practitioners turned to it for everything from trouble sleeping to digestive problems to easing childbirth. Religious adherents in India have made use of cannabis in rituals and worship just as long.

In the modern era, cannabis is finally returning to accepted use. Doctors are coming forward calling for its renewed use in their practices, and patients continue to seek it when they grow frustrated with ineffective modern alternatives to their ailments.

Key Points:

  • 1India has thousands of years of Cannabis use that people will review in time. That relieves pain and symptoms for these people that are affected by use.
  • 2Even the earliest records in India’s history tend to showcase that fact on the whole. Relieve pain and get to know certain details associated with that consideration as well.
  • 3Cannabis use has spread around the world and people take great interest in it. These users have a lot to say about the herb and its various effects.

For thousands of years after the earliest records, cannabis was used in India to relieve pain and symptoms associated with a number of medical issues.

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