Is CBD Toxic to the Liver?

Is CBD Toxic to the Liver?

CBD is a component of cannabis that lacks the characteristic high of marijuana. For decades, during the period where cannabis was illegal, proponents continued to laud the medicinal advantages of the plant. With the legalization of cannabis comes new research. However, also beginning to appear is shoddy science and exaggerated journalistic claims that insist cannabis, in any form, is damaging and unhealthy.

One recent report, for example, tried to convince readers that use of CBD, a cannabis extract, was just as dangerous as alcohol to users’ livers. The claim was based on a very flawed animal experiment that used dosage levels completely beyond anything a human would ever be in a position to take, but it still received press coverage. In the study, researchers took mice and subjected them to extremely elevated doses of CBD. Further, the research effort used only six animals, which is a sample size far too small to draw any serious conclusions from even if the methods used in the study were valid.

Such studies are not valid science, but designed only as assassination attempts against cannabis and its byproducts. Unfortunately, it often requires more than a casual glance at the paper and research to see the true intention of their efforts. Not all readers will examine the claims that closely, or have the scientific knowledge to be able to spot the true intent in the results offered up by such studies.

Key Points:

  • 1Cannabis is something that more and more people are starting to incorporate in their lives.
  • 2There are many individuals out there that have always assumed that the liver is affected by cannabis.
  • 3Studies have shown that cannabis is actually not detrimental to one’s organs.

Moreover, in the real world CBD consumers are not ingesting 0.25% of their body weight – the maximal dose that Ewing et al used in their study of liver toxicity

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