Natural Pain Relief: Why CBD Might Be Better Than Opiates

Natural Pain Relief: Why CBD Might Be Better Than Opiates

There are benefits to taking CBD supplementation over Opioids.  CBD was legalized in the 2014 Farm Bill but because of the stigma attached to hemp, many doctors are wary about prescribing it.  CBD oil is detached from the THC (the high producing component of hemp) so it is safe to use and you function normally.  CBD oil is a natural pain reliever.

With the recent Opioid addiction epidemic alternative pain management solutions are being embraced by more doctors and the population as a whole.

CBD Oil Offers–

  • Pain relief for sports related injuries
  • Pain relief for chronic pain conditions
  • All natural
  • No addictive properties
  • No side effects

If you are dealing with pain or taking regular pain medication even if it’s just ibuprofen or acetaminophen on a regular basis, you should give CBD oil a try.  There is less risk involved in taking CBD oil than even over the counter pain meds.

Key Points:

  • 1Studies suggest that CBD may be less dependance-forming than opioids, which is a big deal because there is currently an epidemic of opioid addiction in America.
  • 2CBD users report no side-effects, unlike opioids that can cause both short term, and more serious long term side effects.
  • 3CBD can help with chronic pain that is caused by inflammation because CBD has ant-inflammatory properties. It can also interact with certain neural pathways to decrease pain signals to the brain.