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CBD strains found in hemp oil n a glass jar and hemp seeds

Don’t Buy CBD On Amazon: Why CBD On Amazon Is A Bad Deal

CBD oil (cannabidiol) is a supplement of growing popularity now that laws on access to marijuana are easing up. Reputable vendors of the versatile substance are finding it increasingly hard to make headway catering to their markets because of constant undercutting in price and sacrifice in quality by other, more malicious sellers in the online […]

How to Identify and Shop for High-Quality Cannabis Oil

CBD oil is helping many people with their health conditions.   There are many brands selling in our current market and more products and manufacturers jumping on the scene daily.   How do you tell a good product from a not so good product?   Here are some helpful tips: Good Cannabis Oil: Is grown […]

This Is the First Hemp Strain to Be Awarded a US Patent

For those in the rapidly expanding legal cannabis industry, Charlotte’s Web is a very well known genetic breed of the plant that’s breaking new ground. The strain of cannabis was designed to be a high CBD variant, and has become extremely successful. Now, those same cultivators have unveiled another highly specific strain of cannabis, one […]

Why Big Pharma Is Worried About CBD

Successful companies build moats — ones that suppress the competition. Failing to create these moats can lead to serious losses for the company and investors. Some of these moats come naturally, and are generally there because the company has a unique advantage over its competitors.

Everything You Need To Know About A Urine Drug Screen And Test

Drug tests can crop up in a wide variety of situations and any time regardless of how convenient taking the test may be. They are a common barrier than many organizations use to remove employees and participants.

Hemp In China: A Hemp Growing Superpower

China is the world’s largest hemp producer, currently accounting for around 70% of the world’s hemp. Growing hemp for beauty purposes is actually pretty new in China. Chinese people have used hemp for a variety of purposes throughout history. However, in recent years, its use was heavily restricted by the government as a part of […]

Is CBD Toxic to the Liver?

CBD is a component of cannabis that lacks the characteristic high of marijuana. For decades, during the period where cannabis was illegal, proponents continued to laud the medicinal advantages of the plant. With the legalization of cannabis comes new research. However, also beginning to appear is shoddy science and exaggerated journalistic claims that insist cannabis, […]

FDA to Hold First Public Meeting on CBD

Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration held a public meeting to discuss products that have CBD oil in them. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is naturally occurring in marijuana and hemp. The FDA held the meeting because there is currently very little information about the potential harmful effects of CBD use and its […]

CBD — It’s Everywhere, But Does It Work?

CBD has definitely become the big new thing in cannabis since marijuana started becoming legal across America. It’s available in many forms as consumers look on store shelves and website listings for a way to get this new product in a version that best suits them. CBD is now being put into creams and pills, […]

10 Biggest Misconceptions About CBD

Blame it to marketing, development in legislation or to its therapeutic benefits — whatever is causing all the noise surrounding CBD is working very well. Starting last year, there has been a nonstop upsurge of interest in the cannabinoid of the hour, the cannabidiol. However, its popularity doesn’t come without some misconceptions that may be […]