FDA to Hold First Public Meeting on CBD

Recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration held a public meeting to discuss products that have CBD oil in them. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is naturally occurring in marijuana and hemp. The FDA held the meeting because there is currently very little information about the potential harmful effects of CBD use and its […]

CBD — It’s Everywhere, But Does It Work?

CBD has definitely become the big new thing in cannabis since marijuana started becoming legal across America. It’s available in many forms as consumers look on store shelves and website listings for a way to get this new product in a version that best suits them. CBD is now being put into creams and pills, […]

10 Biggest Misconceptions About CBD

Blame it to marketing, development in legislation or to its therapeutic benefits – whatever is causing all the noise surrounding CBD is working very well. Starting last year, there has been a nonstop upsurge of interest in the cannabinoid of the hour, the cannabidiol. However, its popularity doesn’t come without some misconceptions that may be […]

What is CBN? (This Cannabinoid Might Be The Next Big Thing)

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Kratom vs CBD: The Differences between These 2 “Grey Area” Products

Two of the most popular grey-area supplements nowadays are Kratom and CBD. Personally, I was curious about the differences between these two product categories, so finding out the differences should be interesting and enlightening! In terms of their origin, CBD is extraced from the hemp plant. It basically contains all of the components of the […]

CBD for Acne: Can CBD Oil Treat Acne?

CBD Business 101: How to Start a CBD Business?

If you are eyeing on a lucrative source of cash flow over the next few years, you might as well consider starting your own CBD business. But of course, it isn’t easy as starting a regular online shop. However, just to keep your spirits high, according to the latest market research, the Industrial Hemp Market […]

CBD Oil and Drug Test: Will CBD Oil Lead to a Positive Drug Test?

So, you are enjoying the benefits of CBD oil without experiencing the side effects and you go on with your usual day at work – but then, all of a sudden there’s a random drug test. Should you panic or worry about getting a positive result?

10 Tips for Buying Good Quality CBD Products

Buying CBD products online or at stores may be tricky, especially if you don’ know what you are looking for. Hence, it’s crucial to find out some important things about the products before making a purchase. At the end of the day, it really pays to read the label and observe due diligence while you […]

Girl sleeping in bed

CBD Oil for Sleep: Can CBD Help You Sleep Better?