Study: CBD May Be Useful In Treating Breast Cancer

Study: CBD May Be Useful In Treating Breast Cancer

Cannabidiol (CBD) the non-psychoactive part of hemp was legalized in 2004 in most of the United States.  Many medical researchers are now testing how CBD can benefit health.  CBD is being studied for its antitumor activity.

CBD oil might just be something of a missing link treatment for a wide array of medical problems. From anxiety to depression, pain relief, and now breast cancer.

A new study published in medical journals looked at the application of CBD for purposes of inhibiting cancer spread and bolstering the ability of healthy cells to resist the growth of tumors. While their findings are understandably complex, the short version is it turns out CBD does help fight breast cancer.

Key Points:

  • 1One of the key takeaways here is that vast research is being done with CBDs in order to see how the can treat breast cancer.
  • 2In two different cell lines CBD reduced symptoms of breast cancer.
  • 3CBD is indeed a useful option in combating different types of cancer sub forms.

CBD inhibited cell survival and induced apoptosis in a dose dependent manner

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