Study Finds Most Online CBD Products Are Mislabeled

Study Finds Most Online CBD Products Are Mislabeled

Even as cannabis based products explode now that cannabis legalization is starting to seriously sweep the globe, new issues with the now available products that can be produced from the cannabis plant are emerging. CBD is one of those products, which is being found to offer significant relief for people suffering from anxiety or stress, often giving that relief without the nasty side effects previous pharmaceutical drugs carried.

But CBD is currently not federally regulated as a medicine, which means a lot of CBD products are lacking in stringent quality controls.

A new study in Pediatric Neurology Briefs, a medical journal, found the labeled amount of CBD in some of these products varied from what was stated. About a quarter of the time the product had less CBD than was claimed, while nearly half of the time the product had more. Products that were labeled as CBD oil were less likely to be inaccurate in their claimed percentages of CBD.

Inaccurate labeling can be harmful particularly if THC (the psychoactive compound) is present in the product you are using.  Children could especially be vulnerable to inaccurate dosages (higher or lower) or extra compounds that aren’t removed.  A source with safe packaging and coming from reliable countries is important.  Do some research before taking any supplement.  A product that states it has been third party tested means that independent tests have been run and the product is true to the label.

Key Points:

  • 1CBD oils were the most accurately labeled products.
  • 2It is legal to order CBD oil online in all 50 states.
  • 3CBD has been shown to help childhood epileptic patients.

The researchers analyzed a total of 84 CBD products that they purchased online and found that 26% contained less CBD than the package suggested, while 43% contained more CBD than the package suggested.

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