The 5 Most Incredible Uses For Hemp

The 5 Most Incredible Uses For Hemp

The fact that we are not using hemp for it’s many uses is an astounding misstep in human evolution. Many still associate hemp with marijuana, and while that association is valid, it can be used for so many more things.

  1. First, it can be an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil based fuel. Hemp takes in as much carbon dioxide as it exudes when burned, so it does not clog up the atmosphere with unnecessary toxins.
  2. It can also be used to make fully biodegradable cardboards and plastics. Plus, it is able to be recycled more than twice as many times as wood products.
  3. Next, beauty products. It can be used to create soaps that help with certain types of skin irritations and diseases.
  4. Also, hemp milk. It can be used to create a healthy alternative to dairy milk that is just as high in nutrition and similar in taste to almond milk.
  5. Finally, hemp can be used to create a type of concrete, called “hempcrete.” This product provides better insulation for buildings and is more resistant to weather damage and insects.

Taking advantage of any of these uses could be revolutionary for their respective fields, and taking advantage of all of them could be life changing for all of us.

Key Points:

  • 1Hemp can be used in some unusual ways, including  bricks and cardboard.
  • 2Hemp can be used as fuel, in a biofuel form called “hempoline”.
  • 3Hemp can even be us