What is CBN? (This Cannabinoid Might Be The Next Big Thing)

While the novelty of newly legalized cannabis is starting to fade for the media, scientists and researchers are just getting started. Media coverage is now shifting to another, not so famous cannabinoid. And no, we’re not talking about THC and CBD. These two cannabinoids are both well-known, but we are talking about a newer one that is starting to become mentioned and looked at, and that’s the CBN.

When the THC in cannabis reacts with oxygen or light, it starts changing into CBN. While CBN has been identified in the cannabis plant since the 1940s, now that cannabis is legal and thus readily available for research studies, the specific effects of CBN on humans can be better investigated.

A major one is that CBN has less psychoactive qualities when ingested, compared to THC. Another is that CBN can induce sleepiness or sedative reactions in humans. Some research suggests half as much CBN, compared to a more well-known sedative such as Valium, produces the same lethargy in patients. This means that cannabis products, in whatever form, that are high in CBN can be a viable alternative to sleeping pills that can be dangerous and even habit forming.

Research is ongoing, and products that isolate CBN, in the same way, other products isolate CBD, may become much more widespread in the future.

Key Points:

  • 1CBN has a significantly lower potency than THC as a psychotropic compound.
  • 2CBN contains powerful sedative properties that allows you to get a good night sleep.
  • 3CBN slows down the overgrowth of skin cells which is promising for psoriasis patients.

CBN is one of these cannabinoids. And like THC and CBD, CBN contains some significant therapeutic properties that could make this cannabinoid become the next big thing.

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