Build Them Up

Romans 15:1 and 2 says that “We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. That each of us should please our neighbor for his good, and to build him up.”

Let me ask, is there someone in your company or organization right now who is just “ticking you off?” They really know how to “press your buttons” and get you all worked up inside.

Or maybe you have a co-worker who just doesn’t seem “competent” to you- and you are frustrated because you and others are constantly having to pick up the slack for them?  Well this may surprise you, but I recently had one of those days with an associate of mine.    We just couldn’t seem to get along- and things were headed in a real bad direction.

But then I thought of today’s Scripture.

I need to be more forgiving and more tolerant of other people’s “weaknesses,” and hopefully in turn they’ll be more forgiving of mine.  You see, we need to focus on “lifting others up.” We need to be concerned with their well-being.

So next time you find yourself frustrated with others in your work, you might do well to remember this message.

Before allowing yourself to get so frustrated or angry- pause for a moment-

Remember to lift that person up, even when you disagree with them!

When you do this, you will be applying the [email protected].


Application Questions:

  • 1What does this message say to you?
  • 2Have you had any situations recently where you weren’t able to get along with someone? How did you handle it?
  • 3How could situations like this be better if you were to build them up and pray for them?

Ray is the Co-Founder of Truth At Work. Prior to this role, he served as CEO until January 2016. In his role of Co-Founder, Ray is responsible for building high level strategic relationships on behalf of Truth At Work, facilitates several Round Table Groups, helps establish new markets, develops new curriculum, as well as serving as host of Truth At Work’s “Bottom Line Faith” podcast series. Additionally, Ray is in the process of writing two new books that will be released in the coming months. Ray is also a highly sought after speaker at churches and retreats across America, where for years he has challenged followers of Christ to integrate their faith in and through the marketplace on a daily basis. He is also part of the speaking faculty for Orlando, Florida based “Man In the Mirror” ministry where he conducts seminars and retreats across the country.

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