Christian Principles of Integrity & Business: Part 4

Christian Principles of Integrity & Business: Part 4

Today we will examine the scriptures for understanding on Financial Matters & Decisions in business.

God is our provider.  Genesis 22:14 and many other scripture references.

God wants me to be a good steward of His provision. Malachi 3:10

We are to pursue our relationship with God over material possessions. Luke 16:13

Borrowing money should be approached with caution. Proverbs 22:7

Get full disclosure and written agreements before entering into partner relationships.

Avoid get rich quick schemes. Proverbs 10:4

The full article has many scripture references and more tips for financially running a business that honors God.

Key Points:

  • 1The lessons emerged through my relationships with other business leaders, government officials, customers while performing work for them, suppliers and additional lessons have been learned as I served in churches, Christian schools and universities, and para-church ministries.
  • 2The Lord commands that I provide for my family I Timothy 5:8 and leave an inheritance to my children’s children Proverbs 13:22.
  • 3We are to be generous with God’s provision Proverbs 11:24, especially with those who helped us achieve success.

I don’t believe debt or excessive credit should be used to sustain corporate survival, but only to afford expansion based on a realistic expectation of projected revenue and the ability to repay the debt.

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