Don’t Say It

This video states that even though you may be up to your limit on the way someone is acting toward or or in a situation and you want to tell them how you feel, step back and control yourself. If you unleash words from your feelings and emotions there might be some regret that you must face later on. Now this video is not telling us not to say something, in fact, he promotes addressing the issue. The way the issue should be addressed is more calmly. Have a sit down conversation and let the person now you are feeling in adult manner. Freaking out on someone because they upset you can never lead to a good outcome, it will only make the situation more stressful. We must resist the urges to say something, maybe try writing how you feel down instead. Then when you are ready to have the conversation with someone, you have the feelings to talk about without the initial freakout.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Express yourself to others in a calm manner.
  • 2Avoid the calamity of regrettable outbursts by not reacting negatively to others.
  • 3Find creative ways to resolve conflict with others than does not destroy their dignity.

Ray is the Co-Founder of Truth At Work. Prior to this role, he served as CEO until January 2016. In his role of Co-Founder, Ray is responsible for building high level strategic relationships on behalf of Truth At Work, facilitates several Round Table Groups, helps establish new markets, develops new curriculum, as well as serving as host of Truth At Work’s “Bottom Line Faith” podcast series. Additionally, Ray is in the process of writing two new books that will be released in the coming months. Ray is also a highly sought after speaker at churches and retreats across America, where for years he has challenged followers of Christ to integrate their faith in and through the marketplace on a daily basis. He is also part of the speaking faculty for Orlando, Florida based “Man In the Mirror” ministry where he conducts seminars and retreats across the country.

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