Luke 16:10 says that, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, but whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

I remember hearing a few years ago when a record lottery prize of $350 million had just been won.  Now it was known that 2 winning tickets had been sold, one person from Illinois, and one from Michigan.

Now that’s some serious money!!!

Now probably like you, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have that much money.  I must admit- it sounds like a lot of fun to find out.

Well the facts are that the majority of lottery winners end up bankrupt or in financial trouble a few years after striking it rich


Now how can this happen?


Well probably because they did not have discipline and financial integrity BEFORE they had the money.

Now as the facts show, this verse proves true that, “whoever can be trusted with little can also be trusted with much, but whoever can’t be trusted with little can’t be trusted with much.” 


Well how about you?


If you want to have “much”, you need to take a hard look at how you treat the “little:”

  • Now let’s say you want a newer or a nicer car, well how do you treat the one you have right now?
  • Or maybe you’d like a different or a bigger house, how do you take care of your current one?
  • And at work, would you like to earn more money or get promoted?  Well, how are you doing in your current position?  Do you demonstrate a fantastic work ethic and produce exceptional results, or do you do just enough to get by- because you really aren’t there for the long term anyway?

Well just remember that in your personal as well as your work life, how you treat the little things will determine what bigger things you someday will have.


Be faithful over the little things- so that you will be prepared for the bigger ones.


When you do this, you will be applying the Truth@Work.


Application Questions:

  • 1What does this message say to you?
  • 2Do you want to have a lot in life?
  • 3How do you treat the things you have now?
  • 4Do you work hard and remain honest in your relationships?

Ray Hilbert

Ray is the Co-Founder of Truth At Work. Prior to this role, he served as CEO until January 2016. In his role of Co-Founder, Ray is responsible for building high level strategic relationships on behalf of Truth At Work, facilitates several Round Table Groups, helps establish new markets, develops new curriculum, as well as serving as host of Truth At Work’s “Bottom Line Faith” podcast series. Additionally, Ray is in the process of writing two new books that will be released in the coming months.

Ray is also a highly sought after speaker at churches and retreats across America, where for years he has challenged followers of Christ to integrate their faith in and through the marketplace on a daily basis.He is also part of the speaking faculty for Orlando, Florida based “Man In the Mirror” ministry where he conducts seminars and retreats across the country.

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