Keep Your Battery Fresh

Matthew 11:28-30 says, “Come unto Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Not long ago I was awakened at 4:20 in the morning.  There was this annoying little “chirp” that was occurring about every 30 seconds.  Now I had heard this sound in my house before, but I couldn’t immediately recognize it.   Probably because it was so early in the morning.  And then it hit me- it was the warning system in the fire/smoke detector alerting us that the battery was low- and that it needed recharged or replaced.  The chirp was simply a warning that the energy level was low- and that the detector couldn’t do what it was created to do.

Then the thought came to me that sometimes God sends “chirps” into our lives to let us know that it’s time to “recharge” our battery.

It can be different things:

  • It could be a sickness that forces us to slow down and get some rest
  • Or maybe a stressed relationship that causes us to reconsider what’s really most important to us
  • Or maybe a financial hardship to help us remain grateful for all that we have

Maybe you are facing a problem at work that you just can’t figure out- and you’re simply too tired or worn out to properly address.

Well it may be time to just slow down and recharge your battery.

To get a new and fresh perspective on things.


The best thing to do to stop these “chirps” in your life is simply go to God.   Go to His Word.   He has provided us with all that we need.   Let Him give you clarity, peace, direction, and a new sense of energy.

When you do this, you will be applying the [email protected].


Application Questions:

  • 1What does this message say to you?
  • 2Have you had any indicators of needing to recharge your battery?
  • 3How do you get recharged?
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Ray is the Co-Founder of Truth At Work. Prior to this role, he served as CEO until January 2016. In his role of Co-Founder, Ray is responsible for building high level strategic relationships on behalf of Truth At Work, facilitates several Round Table Groups, helps establish new markets, develops new curriculum, as well as serving as host of Truth At Work’s “Bottom Line Faith” podcast series. Additionally, Ray is in the process of writing two new books that will be released in the coming months. Ray is also a highly sought after speaker at churches and retreats across America, where for years he has challenged followers of Christ to integrate their faith in and through the marketplace on a daily basis. He is also part of the speaking faculty for Orlando, Florida based “Man In the Mirror” ministry where he conducts seminars and retreats across the country.

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