Testing Your Testimony

Testing Your Testimony

Your company, Custom Media, Inc. sells products and services to businesses and organizations that helps them promote their brand/image in the marketplace. You specialize in helping your clients position themselves uniquely, through placements of advertising as well as direct mail programs, and other original marketing strategies.

One of your top prospective clients, Barclay Homes, is a large home builder in your local community. They are the second largest company in their industry in your marketplace, and they are in the process of replacing the marketing firm they have been working with for years.

Barclay has the reputation of being an extremely aggressive competitor, and from what you have heard, they have been known on many occasions of “playing hardball” to win large development contracts. Barclay was started in 1984 by George Barclay, an astute 58 year old businessman with a real “cutthroat” mentality – he plays to win.

Although you have never met Mr. Barclay personally, you have heard many stories of him making decisions based solely on the bottom line – without regard to how those decisions impact employees, vendors, and even sometimes customers. Rumor has it that Mr. Barclay is often seen around town with women other than his wife (he is on his third marriage) and it is fairly common knowledge that on more than one occasion he has been intoxicated in public. But despite all that, Barclay has no doubt been successful.

For the last three years, you have wanted to have the opportunity to establish a working relationship with Barclay, but you have not been able to penetrate the account with any key relationships. You feel that if given the chance, using your unique strategies, you could help Barclay become number 1 in the marketplace, something you sense is VERY important to George Barclay.

Jack Thompson is a good friend of yours from church. You have known each other for nearly ten years.

After church one Sunday, Jack approaches you with some very exciting news. Just a few weeks ago, he became the Vice President of Marketing for Barclay Homes. It is his responsibility to work with companies like yours to effectively position Barclay Homes in the marketplace. He invites you to come visit Barclay’s office the following week, and indicates he would like to introduce you to some of the key players at Barclay.

Just a few days later, you complete your visit to the Barclay office, which included a brief personal introduction and handshake of George Barclay himself.

At the end of your tour, Jack invites you