COPD and Asthma – Warren Carr MD

COPD and Asthma are killer diseases that should be given more attention. COPD is  caused the exposure of the lungs to nauseous gases like tobacco smoke.  In the US tobacco smoke is the main cause of COPD. Asthma on the other hand has similar symptoms to COPD, like inflammation of the lungs and narrowing of the air pipes in the lungs.  However, Asthma is caused by allergies. Medical research has developed enough to give both groups of people a level of treatment and medication that a normal functioning life is possible.  However more awareness and understanding of these diseases can help save lives.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1COPD and asthma may appear similar, but are actually distinctly different respiratory diseases
  • 2up to eleven (11) people a day can die from asthma in the United States
  • 3“The medicines we have available…will open up the airway, decrease inflammation, and…return lung function to normal or near-normal.” -Warner Carr, MD (Teva Respiratory)

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