COPD – An Incurable Respiratory Disease | In Good Shape – Interview

This video presented information concerning those suffering from COPD. The doctor explained the most common causes of this respiratory illness and specifically in what ways it affects the body’s health and overall functional processes, including details about the symptoms that a patient with this disease would present with. This video also includes information about various therapeutic treatment options available to those affected in order to help manage this condition. This video provides clarity about the differences between Asthma and COPD which are sometimes confused as being the same and sheds light on the results of research being currently conducted on understanding the relationship between climate change and the effect it has on lung disease. There has been evidence to support that climatization has a direct positive effect on the impacts of COPD disease and coping with it’s symptoms in patients.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Causes: Smoking, Outdoor Cooking
  • 2Symptoms: Cough, Expectoration, Shortness of Breath
  • 3Treatment: Bronchodilators, Steroids, Lung Transplantation

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