Diagnosis and Treatment Options for COPD

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) includes emphysema, bronchitis and asthma. To determine if one has COPD, several tests can be performed. A doctor will test to determine How much air one can intake and exhale, how fast the air can be exhaled from the lungs and how much carbon dioxide is in the blood. Some tests are done through different breathing machines; while others are done by blood tests. COPD not only effects the lungs. Because with COPD oxygen in the blood is decreased and carbon dioxide in the blood is increased, other organs, such as the heart, are also affected. Oxygen levels are depleted because of the inability of the lungs to function properly. Once these levels begin to deteriorate, a doctor will determine if it is time to order an oxygen machine. The primary cause of COPD is cigarette smoking. It is imperative that a person diagnosed with COPD quit smoking immediately. Positive changes begin taking effect in the body within hours of smoking cessation. COPD is a progressive disease. This means that it does not get better. The best course of action is prevention and if already diagnosed proper care of the body to slow the progression.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Your Dr will check your family History, ask you other health questions and give you a lung function test and possibly A chest xray and blood test to give a diagnosis if you have COPD
  • 2If you have COPD and smoke, quiitting smoking is the best thing you can do to relieve your symptoms
  • 3There are many treatment options including exercise, pulmonary therapy, surgery and prescriptions drugs

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