Final Thoughts

The video “Final Thoughts” seems to be a conclusion video for a series of videos that center around the pulmonary disease known as C O P D. The doctor in the video tries to make clear that C O P D is a disease that can be treated if you are willing to talk openly with your doctor and follow a few directions. It is stated that over 12,000,000 people have C O P D and that many more may be unaware that they have it also. For people that are interested in the subject it is pointed out that the internet is a great source for any person that wants to learn more about the disease. The purpose of these videos seem to be part of the doctor’s treatment program for in it he tells the listener to write down anything they may want to talk about on their next visit.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is something that working in conjunction with a professional can be managed and controlled.
  • 2Over 12 million Americans suffer from COPD and many more have symptoms not yet fully developed.
  • 3In conjunction with your health professional we can provide a list of health and well-being professionals to help you make the right choices and put you on the right pathway to a healthier you.

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