See the bigger COPD picture

Right now there are an estimated sixty five million people who are living with moderate to severe COPD. This is an alarming number. There is a huge financial cost to this disease as well, 38.6 billion euros in Europe is spent on this ailment each year and over 49 billion dollars are spent in the USA and over 900 million spent on it in Australia. An alarming 3 million people will die each year from COPD. But there is good news in that COPD is treatable. COPD is a breathing ailment and if it is suspected that you or a family member or friend may have COPD it is definitely suggested to visit a doctor and get tested. It’s not worth the risk to not know.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Many people are living with COPD
  • 2The cost of healthcare in certain countries is really high
  • 3There is a solution to COPD: intelligent NIV

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