The Tell-Tale Signs of COPD

COPD is categorized by a cough that is phlegmy and seems to be worse in the morning. There also an issue with blood oxygen levels. So the person with COPD may experience shortness of breath when they are completing physical activities. People with COPD have wheezing issues, which may sound like a whistling in the chest. You can tell the severity of the COPD by the frequency of the symptoms. People with more severe COPD will have more frequent symptoms and more damaged lungs. It seems that people with COPD are having lung issues that are more prominent when they are engaging in physical activities. And their symptoms and lung damage will increase unless they receive some kind of treatment.

Key Points of Video:

  • 1Symptoms of COPD, such as cough, increased mucous, especially in the morning and wheezing could mean you have COPD.
  • 2Shortness of breath may occur with increased activity and triggered by reduced oxygen blood levels.
  • 3Frequent flare-ups of the above symptoms could indicate the severity of the disease or the damage that has occurred to the lungs.

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