The Joy Of Giving

When we have the opportunity to help anyone, we should do it. But we should give special attention to those who are in the family of believers (Galatians 6:10 NCV).

When you decide to become a giver of your money, time, patience, wisdom, experience, food, home, joy, or love, you begin to really live! You come alive in ways you never dreamed. Have you made every healing choice except for the one choice to serve God? If so, you’re not fully aware of what your life can be. You should be excited about that. If you have ever been so dull and dead that you wondered, ‘Is this all there is?’ be encouraged. This is not all there is. This life is not just about how hurt you feel or about how badly you have been treated. It’s about God using broken vessels like you and me to do good things for His glory. All of the healing choices you’ve made in your life up until now should help to bring you here: to a place of service to others. So ponder prayerfully the following questions:

What experiences have you had that might help someone else?

Whom do you desire to help?

Make a list of the possibilities. Find a way this week to pass along to others what God has graciously given to you.

Excerpted from Healing is a Choice Devotional by Stephen Arterburn

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Steve Arterburn is a nationally and internationally known speaker and has been featured in national media outlets such as Oprah, Good Morning America, CNN Live, The New York Times, ABC World News Tonight, GQ and Rolling Stone. Steve is a best-selling author of books such as Every Man’s Battle, Healing Is A Choice, and The 7-Minute Marriage Solution and recently co-authored Take Your Life Back with Dr. David Stoop, and The Mediterranean Love Plan, with wife Misty. Along with Dr. Dave Stoop, Steve edited and produced the #1 selling Life Recovery Bible. With over 8 million books in print he has been writing about God’s transformational truth since 1984, and has won three Gold Medallions for writing excellence.

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