Changing Your Social Group Can Improve Your Health

Changing Your Social Group Can Improve Your Health

Facebook has some great new ads out that demonstrate that everyone has a social group of people like them.  Anyone play kazoo?

We tend to hang around with people in our same stage of life, or people who like the same things we do, or think in similar ways.  But there are benefits to expanding our social groups, hanging with people who are different from us perhaps younger or older or from a different political group that can help us grow and change for the better.


Benefits of Hanging out With People of Different Generations:


Keeps You Young – Friendships of different ages keeps you young.  Ask any grandparent, they are kids again when playing with their grandchildren.  A trip to the park becomes full of wonder and miracles when viewed through the eyes of a child.  A simple kite flying outing can spark your imagination to life’s best joys.

Encourage Others – If you are a mom with young children and the only people you hang around is mom’s with young children you can start to get discouraged.  Your social network is all facing the same issues.  But if you have friends with older children or grown children they can help you see some perspective that encourages you and gives you a view outside of your day to day tasks.

Pass on Wisdom – Each stage of life when completed gives you the hindsight and the wisdom to pass along what you have learned from your experience.  We would be wise to share our lessons with others in order to make their way easier if they are willing to listen and learn.  Been there and done that.  That is why we all love YouTube videos.  They teach us from the “been there done that” school.

Technology Transfer – Changes in technology are moving fast.  This can be very troubling for the elderly and yet the services and security that technology can provide can be very beneficial for the old.  This is where young people can help their elders.  You got it.  If my pho