The Secret to Giving (And Receiving) Compliments

How do you tell someone they look good without sounding creepy? How do you praise a co-worker without seeming patronizing? And how do you respond if someone compliments you? Saying positive things to another person is one of the building blocks of a relationship and yet sometimes it seems like one of the hardest things […]

Empathic Listening for Conflict Resolution

There’s a difference between listening to words and hearing what goes on in someone’s head and heart as they talk. The latter signifies empathy, a component of emotional intelligence, wherein you understand not only what the person’s words, but also their perspective. This quality can lead to a breakthrough in conflict resolution.

Navigate Your New Marriage with These Tips

So you’ve tied the knot, gotten hitched, or whatever else you want to call it.  You’ve entwined your life with that of another through marriage. You hope to be together not only for a good time, but a long time.  You know you’re committed, and that’s a good thing, but how will you handle the […]