2 Out of 3 Depressed Teens Gain Lasting Benefits from Therapy

Recent Studies show that teens with Depression issues benefit from short term therapy. A Cambridge professor suggests if we can tackle the issues early on, therapy could have long lasting effects. The subjects in this study were 465 teens in England with whom had been diagnosed with depression issues. The therapy they used to research with were cognitive behavior therapy (focusing on changing how people think), short term psychoanalytic therapy( focusing on topics like dreams, memories and the unconscious) and brief psycho-social intervention (focusing on strategies like encouraging pleasurable activities and combating loneliness). Though no long term effects using these therapies was studied, it was found that 70% of teens improved significantly no matter which therapy was chosen and in those whom the therapy worked, their depressions issues over the next year was reduced by 50%.

Key Points:

  • 1Depression can seriously impair people’s lives, and in many cases begins during their teenage years.
  • 2According to background material provided in a university news release, psychological treatments are effective in the short term in about 70 percent of adolescents with depression.
  • 3For teens, depression can affect more than their relationships and educational achievement — it can harm their future prospects.

The researchers found that 70 percent of the teens improved to a significant extent no matter which approach they tried.

Read the full article at: https://medlineplus.gov/news/fullstory_162313.html


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