Book Review: Addicted to Stress

Book Review: Addicted to Stress

Book Review: Addicted to Stress A Woman’s 7-Step Program to Reclaim Joy and Spontaneity in Life by Debbie Mandel

Are you a stressed out woman, could you possibly be addicted to stress? This is a book for any woman who is stressed out by her life and wants to reconnect with that happy carefree girl she used to be. Can you even remember who she is or how she felt?

When my husband saw what I was reading, he commented “that is the book for you”. So maybe my stress is affecting the people I love most. Debbie Mandel on page 5 in her book states “The fix of busyness leading to apparent accomplishment gives the stress addict a kind of high that sends pleasure signals to the brain.” Uh Oh, I may be in trouble. Are you rarely sitting still, do you judge worth by accomplishments, are you afraid to try things you are not good at?

Debbie has a self assessment quiz to see if your life is out of balance and then provides 7 steps to help you regain equilibrium. The steps aren’t necessarily easy, they require self examination and habit changes that may be uncomfortable, but less stress and more satisfaction would be your pay off.

She provides helpful “Tales and Tips”. The “Tales” are stories of real women, their reality and their solutions. The “Tips” are summaries of strategies to help with the topic she is covering in that section.

This is an easy read to book and may change your perspective on stresses in your life. This book is for women, it takes into consideration a woman’s unique way of looking at the world and our relationships. Learn to: respect yourself, take care of yourself and restore your balance.

This book was released in 2008 and may be just what you need to start 2009 with more balance and more satisfaction.

The author Debbie Mandel has a weekly health and fitness radio show, conducts stress-management and relationship workshops and runs


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