3 Ways To Enrich the Holiday Experience

Gift giving doesn’t always mean thinking about others. Sometimes It’s important to start with yourself. There are three important gifts to consider when deciding what to get yourself this year. First, consider the gift of change. Stop putting off the things in your life that you know will improve it such as excercise and getting more sleep. Next before you become bombarded with the constant excitement of the holiday rush, give yourself the Gift of Pause. Take a few moments out of your life to reflect and breathe, to reduce the stress of holiday and events and gatherings. Remember, they are supposed to be fun! Once you have the Gift of Pause, feel free to give yourself the Gift of Choice. You have the choice to decide who you are going to be, and what attitude you are going to enter any given situation in. Stay positive and positive things just might come your way.

Key Points:

  • 1Giving away a unique gift and doing something new can have positive effects in the end.
  • 2Being calm and peaceful during the holidays can be reached when you focus on your emotions before doing things.
  • 3When it comes to gatherings during the holidays, you are able to choose which emotion to bring.

The best attitude could be as simple as committing to deeper listening or practicing non-judgment or expressing more kindness, etc.

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