5 Healthy Rituals to Enhance Your Life

You engage in countless rituals automatically. However, adding a new habit to your repertoire is not easy. You are comfortable with your established rituals and they would require alteration for you to accommodate fresh responses. People stick with their usual behaviors because habits provide consistency and comfort. Adding novel behaviors means changing, which, although awkward initially, can be worthwhile when doing so enhances life.

1: Drink more water

Dehydration causes headaches and reduces intelligence. If you do not drink sufficient amounts of water, the resulting mental and physical challenges will detract from your health and happiness. If consuming more water is difficult, use specific occasions as triggers to engage in your new behavior.

For instance, drink a glass of water when you wake before you consume other beverages or eat food. Your brain will receive a boost and you will start the day in a positive fashion. You can also drink water after physical exertion such as shopping, walking your dog, and before meals.

2: Detach from internal criticism

How you think colors the way you feel and experience life. Consequently, you can transform negative thoughts to enhance your joy. For instance, if your inner voice says, “I am not good enough,” disassociate from the criticism. Change the words in the thought to “it’s not good enough.” By altering the use of “I” to “it’s” you will drop attachment to the thought. Eventually, you will become less critical and gain confidence.


3: Walk amongst nature

Exercise increases feel-good endorphins in your system and ignites your immune system. You may imagine that you do not have time to take a walk each day. However, you could rise ten minutes earlier than usual or go for a stroll before you settle in front of the television in the evening. Alternatively, you could walk to work or the shops instead of using another method of transport. If possible, walk in the countryside, the city park, or head toward a public garden. Walking is beneficial no matter where it is carried out. However, being amongst nature brings extra rewards such as a calm mind.


4: Count your blessings

When you experience gratitude, your heart-rate and breathing enter a coherent state and your sense of compassion and well-being increase. Additionally, you handle challenges easily when you are appreciative daily because you have a balanced state of mind. Before you get out of bed each morning, think about what you can look forward to in the day ahead. Ignore negative thoughts and concentrate on those that are uplifting. Additionally, before you go to sleep, go over aspects of your day for which you are grateful. As a result, you will put aside concerns for the night and have sweet dreams.


5: Greet people with a smile

No doubt, you already smile when you see certain people, but not necessarily when you notice strangers. Not only will smiling brighten the day of others, but also you will feel positive when you smile. Studies show that adopting positive body language influences emotions. Thus, standing in a superhero pose, with your legs slightly apart and your hands on your hips, will increase your confidence and smiling will increase your joy.


Soon, the added healthy behaviors that you conduct will become habits and you will reap the rewards of making the effort to include them in your life.


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